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Timothy Chambers' father taught him that "portraiture is the king of art," due to the value of a person. When we have to say goodbye to a child- there is not much in life that brings more grief. Timothy Chambers has used his gift and empathy to give parents something to remember their children that, in their words, "gives us much to remember our child by."

Timothy approaches his posthumous children's portrait with much reverence and gentleness as he learns first-hand from the parents about their child. Of all his commissions, these are his most precious. His clients look at Tim as a big part of dealing with their loss.

You can see in the examples above the gentleness and life captured in his posthumous portraits of children.

Tim guarantees your complete satisfaction. Contact his studio (click here) with questions about how a posthumous commission comes about, or find more details at timothychambers.com.

Prices are calculated by the format (Three-quarter or Full-figure fee) and number of figures. Additional figures in the same portrait are each 50% of the original figure fee. Pets are 20% of the original figure fee. Price listed on this page is for Three-quarter Figure format.

Average dimensions start at approximately 40x42", but vary depending upon composition and where your portrait will be displayed.

You have the option of having your portrait painted in oil or pastel; all work done using archival-quality materials.

Commissioned price includes a custom hand-made gold-leaf frame that brings out the best of your portrait. Select styles are available to choose from.

To own your own heirloom portrait, please contact the studio (click here). More information at timothychambers.com

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