Beauty. Energy. Tranquility. Effervescence. Delight. Texture. New life. The circle of life. Life is Good.

These are some of the feelings that the heart and paintings of Timothy Chambers capture. You don't look at his work and just move on. You become captivated. Feeling is aroused. Memories rise to the surface. You feel the energy of the sun, the tingling of the breeze, the goodness of life. You become aware of the earth beneath you, the heavens above you. It's amazing what a painting- that is, one painted with heart and awareness of the power and fragility of life- can do.

Can a painting really, truly do that? Can a painting make you feel alive again? Quicken your step? Brighten your outlook? The paintings of Timothy Chambers can,and do just that.

Want to hear something even more amazing? Tim is legally blind and deaf. He has less than 10% of normal vision. But he sees just enough. More importantly, he feels more than most of us. The air stirs in him something not picked up by most of us. Perhaps it is because, as they say, when one sense (or in Tim's case- two senses) diminish, others rise up. Regardless, his paintings relay that there is much more than meets the eye. Who would have thought that a blind artist would reveal that to the world?

Enjoy Tim's work. Even better- own a piece for your own home or office to be reminded that life is good.