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Joy is Key for Art and Iguana

I’ve been thinking lately about what makes a successful life. It’s not money, or ease, or accomplishments. You don’t have to look far to find this true. There is story after story of people with everything with nothing to live for.

So, what makes life great? The answer I keep landing on is joy. All the money, accomplishments, fame, beauty, good health- without joy they don’t mean squat.

Yet how often has a joyful countenance- your own or another’s, made your day great, giving you a zest for life, a smile on your face and heart?

I’ve found joy to be a test for what makes for great art, as well. If a work was created with joy, we sense it. I’ll hang a child’s whimsical yet rudimentary painting any day over an intricate, masterfully painted piece by a skilled artist yet lacking joy any day.

I believe joy is key to happiness, to a good day, to a good life.

Thus joy is what drives my painting and Iguana Art Academy.

I believe that a joyful mindset as I approach a painting is the element that makes the difference in how my paintings are received, regardless of my technical execution.

We know if joy is in a painting, in a dish, behind the counter serving us. Joy makes a moment great, a day great.

March 28, 2016

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