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Family-friendly, low-cost art curriculum families and kids love.

Iguana Art Academy will offer a variety of courses that meet the varied interests of students and parents, including drawing, painting, video, and even engineering for the more left-brained creatives out there. IAA provides students with a serious approach to learning art in an immensely enjoyable manner. We’re not your local craft or finger-painting class- this is purposeful curriculum based on timeless principles that guide you from the basic fundamentals, one step at a time, to advanced painting, including portraiture. Of special interest is the Scholarship Portfolio Course for high school students to prepare a top-notch portfolio geared for college entrance and scholarship consideration. Lessons and assignments are given weekly, along with an optional rubric for grading purposes. Each course runs for nine weeks, and can be used for high school credit for homeschooling families.

May 22, 2015

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