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Iguana Art Academy’s all-day ArtShops are a wonderfully fun way to learn, grow, be inspired and encouraged, and have a great time. Children in grades 6-12 and their parents are invited. Enjoy fun photos from ArtShops below.

Every ArtShop includes:

  • a fun, inspiring art history museum tour. Kick things off with a guided tour through IMOFA (Iguana Museum of Fine Art). Entertaining and enlightening,  a student favorite. 
  • step-by-step instruction that is easy to follow, engaging, and logical. Visual step-by-step demonstrations enable all students to successfully understand and apply the lessons.
  • hands-on projects  to apply what you’re learning. For details, see “What do we do in ArtShop” below.
  • individual one-on-one guidance: students receive help that addresses their specific strengths and targets areas most helpful for improvement. 
  • positive takeaways: everyone learns a new creative skill, improves existing art skills, sees things from a new perspective, learns new problem-solving skills.
  • equipping parents: you will be more confident to nurture your children’s creative growth at home with what the skills taught and teaching method observed from the ArtShops.
  • safe practices: all materials and information is non-toxic!

ArtShop Details

Instructor: Tim Chambers, 25 years as full-time professional artist

Tuition is a friendly $65 per student, and includes supplies. Additional family members are only $45. This fee presumes venue is supplied at no charge. Also, we offer a few ArtShop spaces free to those who would like to attend but cannot afford to.

Schools & Organizations/hosting: ArtShops complement Iguana Art Academy courses to supplement your academic curriculum. We can accommodate up to 25 students per workshop.

Facility/space requirements: Click here to view a sample room setup diagram (tables, chairs, etc.). We respect your facilities and clean up after the ArtShop. For carpeted facilities, we recommend using tarps for floor protection. Our materials are non-toxic and water-cleanup.

If you would like to host ArtShop in your area, contact us.

What do we do in ArtShop?

  • Drawing ArtShop: (hint: click on the exercises (blue link) for an image example)
    • Group Lesson: Beginning with a fun virtual museum tour of master drawings, Tim demonstrates and explains drawing principles and techniques, the exercises, and tips for success.
    • 9-step Value Scale: students learn to create gradated values (white>grays>black shades) in pencil, crayon, and marker. 
    • Simple Forms: students learn to create a 3-dimensional appearance by values alone, without depending upon the use of line. Drawing of blocks (and a stick of butter) for flat planes
    • Light and Shadow: students learn about shadow and light masses, halftone, highlight, and reflected light.
    • Round Forms: students draw spheres (an egg, orange) to apply gradual shading for a 3-D look.
    • Complex Forms: students apply values and shading principles to drawing irregularly-shaped objects (fruits, vegetables, flowers, pottery).
  • Painting ArtShop:
    • Group Lesson: After a fun virtual museum tour of paintings, Tim demonstrates and explains basic color theory, the exercises, and tips for happy results.
    • 9-step Value Scale: students paint a 9-step value scale to learn gradated values and control of brush, mixing properties of acrylic paint.
    • Color WheelTint Scale: this is a lot of fun- using the primaries, secondaries, and tertiaries, students paint on a gridded paper every color from full strength to almost white. This proves to be a huge help when ascertaining color for actual paintings.
    • Painting Time: students paint from a live still-life setup or from prints of master paintings (copying like the Old Masters did!).

Students receive helpful, personalized one-on-one guidance throughout the exercises. : )

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