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One of the joys of being a teacher is to see a student’s face illuminate when they overcome an obstacle. It’s awesome: the smile, the exuberance, even the universal high five.

It’s a natural fizz, better than the buzz from Mountain Dew (one sip of that green concoction and I’m up all night).

Creating art is one of those things in life that is both extremely challenging yet incredibly satisfying at the same time. There’s a peace about it, a poetry of the heart when you swirl that brush loaded with paint upon the canvas, or your hands shape the clay on the wheel. It’s like enjoying the tranquility of gliding in a canoe on a glass lake and at the same time experiencing the wind rushing through your hair with eyes closed on the best swing ride ever.

Exhilarating and relaxing all at once.

Art-Room-Aid-logoOur goal at IguanaPaint Academy of Fine Arts is to give everyone the chance to experience this joy.  Because inspiration is too wonderful not to share, we make it a priority to do what we can to ensure anyone can enjoy art. We invite you to join  us and make learning and creating available for anyone.

We have partnered with DickBlick.com and their Art Room Aid program to help provide supplies for students who otherwise could not afford them.

Would you like to do a little inspiring? You can! And easily. Through Art Room Aid, you can contribute funds or purchase art supplies that are then given to students of Iguana Art Academy. Click here if you’d like to lend a creative hand and inspire someone. Chances are you’ll be inspired, too!

Thanks for partnering with us in making the world a better place.


Tim Chambers, Founder, Iguana Art Academy

Tim in studio

May 8, 2016

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