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This is admittedly low budget, but offers great potential for a permanent position as school webmaster for a reliable and capable person.

Our school site (www.iguanaacademy.com) has the WPLMS theme (see http://themeforest.net/item/wplms-learning-management-system/6780226), but we need help getting things ready for public view. WPLMS is installed, but we need an experienced LMS designer/developer to complete this for us. I am looking for someone who:

a. listens well, seeks to understand what we are trying to do.
b. is experienced in WPand LMS and will get things done. We use Trello to track progress.
c. is a self-starter and manager, stays on track, completes each task
d. gives attention to detail in design and function
e. works efficiently, get the job done completely, i.e. site works from visitor to purchase to student.
f. double-checks to make sure job is complete

TASKS: Here are some of the tasks remaining:
1. Install new header design and logo
2. Finalize homepage layout
3. Install graphics (sliders, course images, etc.)
4. Set up courses and lessons. You’ll let us know what is needed, and we’ll provide the content, images, PowerPoints, etc. to install into the course descriptions and lessons.
5. Create dialog drop-down menu (if possible) for course options (Age and Feedback Levels) for customer to select from in purchasing flow. (i.e. customer selects, course, then age level for that course, then the personal feedback level available for that course before it is added to shopping cart).
6. SSL certificate added and visible on site in strategic locations
7. Set memory cache
8. Set up social network capability. WPLMS is built on BuddyPress. We want students to be able to socialize with students in their course(s) and have the option of socializing with students in their age group. Students should NOT be able to connect with students in other age groups.
9, Make sure shopping cart (WooCommerice) is functioning from start to finish, including course selection, purchase, PayPal/Credit Card, and confirmation email.
10. Set up social network links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
11. Set up calendar for students and teachers to see holidays, lessons due, etc.
12. Set up teacher pages
13. Check menu pages to be sure they are ready.
14. Make sure menu is working for desktop and mobile users.
15. Other?

Our budget is low, I know. We have lost thousands on previous developers and themes that did not work out. We think WPLMS has everything we need to set up our online school. If you think you can do this project, please contact us. We will be thrilled to find someone reliable and capable and will continue to work with that person with better pay once we have revenue from student tuition. :)

Q: What color do you get when you mix BLUE and YELLOW? A:__________________

Thank you for your interest.
Iguana Art Academy

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May 1, 2016

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