"Seeing Beautiful Through the Journey of Life" by Timothy Chambers

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At the requests of friends in the publishing industry, Tim shares encouragement and shares his own story in his beautifully-illustrated book, Seeing Beautiful Through the Journey of Life. The book is as much a work of Tim’s love of writing as it is of what he’s known for, his artwork. Created at the height of the adult coloring book phenomenon of a few years ago, the book offers beginner and advanced art lovers a variety of beautiful illustrations for your creative escapes. 

What makes this book different? Everything! As Tim explains, “When I was asked to create the book, my wife Kim and I spent hours perusing the hundreds (hundreds!!) of adult coloring books at the stores. We made notes about what we liked and didn’t like about books, and I also asked col

Coloring enthusiasts what they liked and what they wished to see. I found that many colorists longed for a little guidance on how to color, how to shade, and such. My book offers plenty of guidance from start to finish.”

Tim also found that there was a wide gamut of abilities with coloring enthusiasts. Some claimed no artistic talent but enjoyed the quiet, almost meditative experience of coloring. Tim’s experience teaching workshops for adults and children provided the insight to include illustrations ranging from simple to complex. “I don’t have to draw,” said Jen, “I just color in between the lines. I like to play with color combinations and make up my own designs, and I can do this in this book.”Sample pages from "Seeing Beautiful" book

Tim knew that some people just need a little nudge to get going. He included illustrations in which he started the shading in pencil so colorers could dive right in with their colored pencils. He offers over two dozen helpful tips throughout the book that illustrate and explain step-by-step various coloring techniques. “I want my students to have fun, and when they create something beautiful, they have a good time, so I am happy to help them along.” An example of such help is the Art Tip he provides in the sundae illustration. Notice that he also provided hints on the illustration itself:

Tim loves a good quote, and he shares a few (over 50) throughout the book. Does he have a favorite? “Oh, definitely. Some are very funny, and others incredibly insightful. You’ll have to read the book and let me know which you think are my faves!” Hint: check out the “seashell” quote on page 56. 

The book has ten chapters- each with an intriguing story written by Tim. The chapter titles give a clue to what’s in store: Beauty, Change, Perspective, Imagination, Vision, Joy, Perseverance, Action, Dessert, Tim’s Story. Tim shares what he’s learned along the journey, including wisdom quotes, analogies from art (as in the Imagination chapter), and more to inspire you to find the beauty in your life, no matter what you’re facing. 

Readers will enjoy Tim’s use of great historical works of art in Seeing Beautiful. Works such as Gustave Klimpt’s The Kiss serve to inspire creative fun. 

Seeing Beautiful Through the Journey of Life is available at Amazon.com. Combined with a set of colored pencils, it makes a wonderful gift. If you would like a copy signed and endorsed by the author, please contact the studio for details and to place an order. 


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