Tim is leading ArtCamp/Leesburg August 15-18. Leesburg, VA is a beautiful town about an hour west of Washington, D.C.. Whether your just starting out or you’ve been drawing for some time, this workshop will be both fun and challenging. You’ll receive individual and group instruction as you learn time-proven techniques and skills to better help you create beautiful paintings. We’ll be working outdoors in the mornings (9-noon), and indoors (12:30-3:30) in the afternoons. Each day is packed with lessons and info. See schedule below for what’s in store at ArtCamp/Leesburg:

  • Schedule:
    • Monday AM: Welcome, introduction to drawing still-life in charcoal. Focus on planes, shapes, & values.
    • Monday PM: Intro to portrait drawing in charcoal. Focus on draftsmanship, form, mass, light and shade.
    • Tuesday AM: Intro to oil painting. Focus on materials, mixing, technique, composition.
    • Outdoor still-life.
    • Tuesday PM: Drawing the portrait in charcoal. Focus on drawing features of the face. Portrait.
    • Wednesday AM: The exciting world of Impressionist color theory! Individual critique and instruction. Also- textures. Outdoor still-life.
    • Wednesday PM: Drawing the portrait in charcoal. Focus on finishing, composition.
    • Thursday AM: Continued one-on-one instruction; focus on ‘heading to the finish line’ as we pull it all together. Group critique. Outdoor still-life.
    • Thursday PM: One-on-one critique and instruction on pulling the portrait together towards completion.
    • Friday (optional per signups): Field trip to art museums in Washington, D.C.

Out-of-towners: If you’re visiting from out of town, we can provide host housing/meals for $25/day. Please send a check for the number of nights you’ll need, payable to Lisa Pinkham, with “ArtCamp Housing” in the memo; send to  ArtCamp, 1710 Revere Ct, Leesburg, VA 20176.

The nearest airport is Washington Dulles (IAD). We can help with transportation to ArtCamp. Let us know if you’ll be flying in. For driving directions to the ArtCamp location, click here.

Other questions? Visit our FAQs page.


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