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Timothy Jerome Chambers is a life-long artist, having grown up amidst the scents and beautiful paintings in his father’s studio. Exhibiting a passion for drawing from the start, he was trained by his dad (William Chambers) and later with other exemplary artists Cedric Egeli, Henry Hensche, and Richard Lack, each part of a great heritage of American master painters. Solid draftsmanship established him among the world’s best portraitists, and his foray into Impressionism with Henry Hensche sets his colorful landscapes and portraits apart from the crowd. Few artists are able to marry color and draftsmanship in such a passionate embrace. Tim believes that beyond talent, there are two main ingredients evident in a great work of art: skill of application and joy of vision. Convinced that one without the other leaves a canvas void of purpose and impact, Tim puts his heart, mind, and hands into his work. As an art juror said of Tim’s work: “This artist sees the world beautifully.

Artist’s Statement

“Recently, I was taken by surprise by something that I had assumed was universal: I thought everyone got inspired by the beauty around us. Every morning, when I see the play of light upon the land, the trees, buildings, I can’t help but smile and be inspired to respond. At those moments, looking past the rush of life and tyranny of the urgent, I am reminded that life is beautiful, rich with hope eternal.

Surprisingly, when I asked others if they felt the same way, I heard a flat “No, not really. I hadn’t noticed.” Answers reflecting a void, unaware they had missed a grand event. Life has a way of doing that- of getting us caught up in the routine, missing the glorious. I have begun to see that it is true what my art ancestors, such as Robert Henri and Charles Hawthorne, have noted- that it’s the artist’s task to show the world beauty, the remarkable in the mundane.

My mission is to add joy to peoples’ lives by seeing beautifully. And oftentimes, I too need to get out of the way in order to see and allow my heart to respond.


Paint is my primary tool of choice. I respond visually to just about everything. The more astute my observation, the more splendor I see. That is what I love about painting outdoors- the subtle nuances and variations in color are like a joyful song and dance, reflecting minute changes of hue, almost like if one could see the movement of air. One moment you see a light pink, another you see a pale blue. Pink and blue on the same spot? Yes. It’s a beautiful thing.

My father, William Chambers, an amazing painter, taught me to ask questions and seek truth, required training for an artist. The key in painting is knowing what to look for, what to ask. Sherlock Holmes understood: “You do not see, dear Watson, because you do not observe.” The good artist observes with a joyous, passionate heart, articulates with a sharp mind, executes with an experienced hand.

I hope my work and teaching help you to see beautifully.

Timothy Chambers



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