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Davenport, Gordy eEarn an easy $500! Chambers Studio will reward you with $500 when you refer us to a friend who commissions a pastel or oil portrait.

How does it work? Simple:

If someone commissions a portrait and they found out about Tim through you, Chambers Studio will gladly pay you $500 to thank you for telling others of Tim.

It is our policy to ask new customers how they heard about Tim in order to give credit where due. Customers who contact the studio through our online contact form have the opportunity to enter the name of the person that referred them to Tim. Of course, if you ever pass on someone’s name to us, you can trust that we handle interested customers respectfully and confidentially. So, for an easy $500, tell someone about Tim Chambers.

If you’re on the shy side, or feel that you would be offending someone by suggesting they have a portrait by Tim, here are a few things to keep in mind:

~ A portrait is a beautiful thing, not just on canvas, but of the heart. A commissioned portrait speaks volumes about our love and respect for someone.

~ Customers rave of their experience working with Tim. Read their testimonials here.

~ Children feel a great sense of love and security upon seeing their portrait. Tim’s portraits capture a child that is loved, and it shows.

~ Tim’s portraits capture people in an amazing, intimate, loving way. Families are given a gift they’ll treasure for a lifetime. Families know their portraits will be passed on from one generation to the next.

So, when you refer someone to Tim, you’re inviting them to enjoy a unique experience and ultimately a gift they’ll treasure.

And they’ll have you to thank. 🙂

Do something special for a friend, and then imagine what good you could do with a $1,000.  Send them to timothychambers.com for the beginning of something special.

Note: if there is a promotion, then the referral fee is equally discounted only on Head & Shoulders portraits, with minimum referral fee of at least $250. Other format/sizes pay the full referral of $500 regardless of promotion. Referral commissions are paid at the payment of the completed portrait. Questions? Please contact the studio.  

** Terms are subject to updates. 

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