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Tim’s outdoor workshops are an experience that will open your eyes to the beauty that is often missed. Having studied directly under American Impressionist Henry Hensche, Tim is one of the few painters that understand true color in nature. He makes learning fun, as his students will attest to his joy and enthusiasm for helping others to see and respond to beauty. Tim is easygoing and genuinely cares for his students. We all have a good time together! Contact the studio if you’re interested in Tim leading a workshop in your favorite place, whether in your town or a favorite vacation spot. 

A typical outdoor workshop follows this format:

  • Day 1
    • Morning: Introduction, Block study still-life, demonstration
    • Lunchtime: Q&A from morning personal critiques
    • Afternoon: Still-life or simple landscape, demonstration
  • Day 2
    • Morning: Simple still-life (possibly monochromatic if new or rusty)
    • Lunchtime: Discussion on principles of color
    • Afternoon: Landscape
  • Day 3
    • Morning: Landscape (or still-life if preferred)
    • Lunchtime: discussion on principles of color schemes, composition, values
    • Afternoon: Landscape, demonstration
  • Day 4
    • Morning: Landscape (or continue still-life)
    • Lunchtime: Group critique
    • Afternoon: Landscape

Morning and afternoon sessions are 3 hours each (e.g. 9-12, 1-4), with a one-hour lunchtime. Students are free to go off on their own for lunchtime or to stay and participate in the lunchtime discussion.

Students receive gentle, encouraging, challenging one-one-one instruction from Tim in addition to the group instruction.

For portrait workshops, substitute live portrait sessions for landscape and still-life sessions. 

Click here for the workshop material list. Questions? Contact the studio

Workshop tuition generally runs $125/day. Some destinations may incur a higher fee to cover Tim’s travel expenses and/or venue expense. Portrait workshops incur a modest model fee, split equally among participants. 

Age range: mature 12 year-olds to any adult, up to…well, as young as you want to be. 🙂

Workshop space is limited, accommodating 8-15 students to maintain a high level of individualized instruction. 

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“Dawn is the best time to paint. When I first set up my easel, I can hardly see the canvas and colors. I start to painting. When my eyes are squinting from the bright light coming across the bay, it's over. Time to go to breakfast.”

by Joanette Egeli

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