Masters to Study

Here is a lists of artists I highly recommend studying and copying.  Visit museums and be in awe over the work of these masters.

I also recommend obtaining prints of paintings by these artists, or finding high-res images online and doing copies of their works. You can copy the entire painting or a section of it. You’ll be amazed by what you learn.

You may be able to find information on each artist’s technique, which will help you achieve the effect that artist did in their paintings. You’ll learn much about values, brushwork, color, and even perhaps about anatomyand/or form. Have fun!

Cecilia Beaux
Giovanni Boldini
William Merit Chase
Frederic Edwin Church
Leonardo daVinci
Edgar Degas
Cedric Egeli
Nicolai Fechin
Winslow Homer
David Leffel
Antonio Mancini
Édouard Manet
Claude Monet
Sir William Orpen
Rembrandt van Rijn
Norman Rockwell
Peter Paul Rubens
John Singer Sargent
Richard Schmid
Joaquin Sorolla
Vincent van Gogh
Diego Velázquez
Anders Zorn

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“The portrait is one of the most curious art forms. It demands special qualities in the artist, and an almost total kinship with the model.”

by Henri Matisse

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