Studio Setup: Home-made Easel, Taboret, Still-life Table

Trying to set up a studio on a student budget? Mr. Chambers has been there. Here are photos below of items he made in his studio from items found in his workshop and attic. 🙂 You can also find items at non-art stores that will suit your needs just fine.

two taborets eThe one on the left is attic-salvage. The one with the nice drawers and wheels is from

three taborets e

These three are from IKEA and PotteryBarn (middle, white chest). Wheels are essential for adjusting to your studio setup on the fly.

three single-mast easels e

You can easily make this easel from 1×4 and 2×4 lumber (details below), or purchase the “Golden Oak”  from (about $130).

single-mast easel details 1 e single-mast easel details 2 e single-mast easel details 3 e



2b- Still-life setup e

 The still-life table should be about chest high. Build “walls” on the sides to hang your backdrop cloth, anchor lights, etc. to enable you to design beautiful still-life arrangements.

3- Still-life setup e

A third “wall” was added to block out the ambient room light simply by clipping a sheet of cardboard to the permanent rear wall.

4b- Still-life setup e

5b- Still-life setup  e 7b- Still-life setup e DSC_6902 e

You can make your still-life table as nice and fancy as you’d like.

I prefer to spend my time painting. 🙂

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