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"Landscape painting is dessert," says Tim. "It’s pure joy. No restraints, no one to please. Simply respond to the beauty of nature with heart and excitement; hold nothing back."

We all know that it’s more complicated than that. Tim tell's his students that “a good painting is a lot of good decisions.” His paintings’ beauty is a result of God-given talent refined by a lifetime of training and experience.

Tim aims for simplicity in his landscapes, to identify the essential elements. “You’re painting a moving moment. Can you see everything? No, but you do see something. What is it? What one thing sings to your soul here and now? Get that in your heart, in your head, and out through your hands onto the canvas.”

“Tim captured a Virginia evening on canvas for me, and I love the painting! The colors seem to glow.” -L. Paist, Purcellville, VA

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“In general, Satan doesn’t control us with fang marks on the flesh, but with lies in the heart. He doesn’t come in with all sorts of special effects; he suggests ideas to the heart that contradict God’s word, impugn his character, and destroy the trust relationship we have with him. Our best defense in the fight against the influence of Satan’s lies is the rehearsal of truth.”

by Timothy Keller

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