Children/Parent ArtShops

How do I ensure that my kids learn art? is one of the most common questions pro artist Tim Chambers hears. Tim has created marvelous workshops for children and parents to learn essential art principles. Each Artshop includes step-by-step demonstrations, easy to understand lessons on art principles and techniques, inspiring art history tours, and hands-on projects with one-on-one guidance. Tim’s workshops are both practical and fun. See below for the eight different Artshop topics that Tim offers.



  • Drawing 1:  The first of two sessions introducing the fundamental principles of drawing.  Students learn tricks on how to begin (a blank paper can be so intimidating!), shading styles, pencil technique, tips on how to see and draw more accurately, self-critique, and more. You’ll see a marked improvement in just one session!
  • Drawing 2: This ArtShop builds on Drawing 1, learning design, how composition works, seeing masses (simplifying details to larger shapes), knowing how to compare values, knowing when you’re done with your drawing, and much more. 
  • Perspective:  Students learn how to make their drawings look three-dimensional! Tim shows how to do 1- and 2-point perspective as well as his own “angles” method that anyone can understand and use almost immediately! 
  • Values:  Values is the art term for the lightness or darkness of an object or shape. In one day, Tim shows how you can have a solid grasp on how to use values in your work to create powerful drama and depth in your work. Students work in pencil and acrylic paint. 
  • Painting: Learn how to mix paints, how to blend, how to achieve bright, clean colors, brush technique, how to obtain soft or hard edges, how to make things look round in this workshop. You will be on your way to becoming a master with the brush!
  • Color: This is the most fun theory class you’ll ever take! Using safe, non-toxic acrylic paint, you’ll learn how to make color sing by knowing which colors look good together, which ones seem to clash or “vibrate” next to each other, how to mix the perfect grays to make another color leap off the page! You’ll be able to mix any color after this workshop! 
  • Life:  Learn how exciting (and challenging!) it is to draw what you see as we work from real still-lifes. Tim shows how to simplify the myriad details in front of you so that you can create drawings that accurate, proportionate, realistic, and pretty. You’ll have a trained eye after this Artshop!
  • Portraits: Tim boils down the complexities of portraiture into bite-size nuggets to help students capture the likeness of people’s faces. He shares how to recognize people’s head shapes and the characteristics of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair! You’ll see people in a new way after this workshop. :)


Overview: ArtShop is open to parents and kids age 8+ of all skill levels. Each ArtShop session will include lessons, theory, art history, hands-on projects and individual instruction and guidance. Tim has a great rapport with children and adults and loves seeing them discover new things. He challenges students to apply themselves to grasp new concepts, balancing instruction with encouragement in a light-hearted atmosphere. Tim has 20 years of teaching experience, including classes, workshops, and online education.

Age: Children age 8+ and parents of any age. :) 

Materials: Our materials are non-toxic and water-cleanup. 

Next ArtShop: Click on ‘Upcoming Events’ in the right column for info. 

Driving Directions: included with registration confirmation

Time, attire, lunch: Each session starts and ends on time, so please arrive a few minutes early. Kids should wear their painting clothes. We take a break for lunch, and you have the choice of bringing a lunch or purchasing lunch ($5 cash at the door upon arrival). All materials are provided.

Tuition for each ArtShop is family-friendly: $50 per student for the day. Additional kids from the same family are only $35. Tim always reserves space for need-based scholarships, so please inquire for availability. 

Payment at each ArtShop payable via cash, check, or credit card.

Host an ArtShop: If you’d like to host ArtShop in your area, contact us.

Room SetupsYou can also see typical room arrangements here

Booking: Booking is done first come-first served at your location. You supply tables/chairs. We are very clean and respectful and clean up after the ArtShop. We have tarps for floor protection if required. Locations may include northern Virginia, southern California, Chicago, Huntsville, AL, and others. Please inquire. 

Week-long ArtShops: You can also group individual ArtShop topics (listed above) into a consecutive-day sessions (e.g. Drawing 1/Values/Color).

Schools: Tim can supplement your academic curriculum with a fantastic art curriculum that your students will thank you for.  Students develop an awareness and appreciation for art history through Tim’s presentations, learn creative skills, enhance critical thinking practices (useful in academics too!), and build their confidence through successful application of lessons and Tim’s encouragement.



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