Morning Shenandoah Valley, Appalachian Trail at Bears Den, 24x18in eAbout Timothy Chambers:

  • Reputation: Tim has been painting for over thirty years. His reputation among portrait brokers, collectors, and peers is that of a serious museum-caliber artist with a distinction as one of the few artists who can capture true color in his portraits, avoiding the “photo-portrait” label many artists follow today. His trademark is keen draftsmanship in the expression of form as well as an unusual sensitivity to color. He is especially noted for his outdoor portraits.
    Tim’s landscape paintings are gaining increased following and winning awards. As one gallery owner noted, Tim “has a beautiful sensitivity to light and color that few artists possess.” You can view Tim’s landscapes in the Gallery. Works available for purchase are posted here.
  • Inspiration: Tim was privileged to learn from his father William Chambers, also a professional portrait painter. From his dad, Tim learned both the joy of art and the importance of giving all excellence to your work. Work deliberately, not carelessly, giving a purpose to every brushstroke.
  • Apprenticeship Studies: Tim also studied with notable American portraitists Cedric Egeli, Joanette Hoffman Egeli, and Richard Lack, and was greatly influenced by American Impressionist Henry Hensche.  He also studied with Sebastian Capella and Irving Shapiro. Each teacher has left an indelible impression on Tim’s approach to painting.
  • Formal Education: Tim received scholarship offers from many schools after high school, including Washington University (St. Louis, MO), University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Hamline University, and others. He studied full-time at Northern Illinois University, University of Minnesota, and at Maryland Institute College of Art.
  • Motivation: Years ago, while in his teens, a friend remarked that Tim was easily amused. “I am not so sure that I am easily amused as much as I am greatly awed by life, both in the simple and the complex,” Tim says. “My dad taught me that there is a reason for everything, a purpose, and my mother taught me to enjoy the moment, to laugh easily. Robert Henri, a century earlier, said it is the artist’s job to show the beauty in the commonplace. Life is hard; I believe it is important to get a steady dose of beautiful, and I try to give such to others.”
  • Helping Others Enjoy Art In addition to creating exquisite portraits, Tim founded Iguana Art Academy, an online art school with a unique approach to encouraging creativity for anyone, anywhere. IAA affords Tim and other artists the opportunity to serve the impoverished and less-fortunate on a national and international scale, opening doors of care and opportunity creatively.
  • Recent Available Works View works available for purchase at his blog Seeing Beautiful.
  • SeeingBeautiful-1-coverRecent Book: Tim has written and illustrated a beautiful book, Seeing Beautiful Through the Journey of Life. Full of inspiration, encouragement, and coloring illustrations, it is a wonderful companion for sorting through life’s hardships. Buy it on Amazon.
  • Option B: Tim was featured in the NY Times bestseller Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy   by bestselling authors Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.  

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